Intelligent Charging Series


The ICS charger is a stand alone battery charger with the versatility to accommodate a broad array of cell chemistries and configurations. Typical applications include lithium ion (1 to 8 cells), nickel metal hydride (2 to 20 cells), nickel cadmium (2 to 20 cells), and lead acid (2 to 12 cells). The maximum charge current is easily adjustable from 500mA to 5000mA. The unit may be ordered without its plastic housing and output cable for use as a component.

The ICS charger uses an external power supply. Depending on the application, this may be either a universal input switching supply or an inexpensive iron-core wall adaptor. Since the current sensing occurs in the negative battery lead, there must not be a common ground connection established between the battery and the external power supply.

Target Batteries: 

Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium, Lead Acid



Adjustable Charge Current 500mA to 5000mA
Current Tolerance +/-10%
Voltage Limit 4V to 35V
Voltage Limit Tolerance +/-0.2%
Operating Temperature 0 C to 50 C
Absolute Maximum Input Voltage 40DC

Physical and Environmental

3.63” x 2.27” x 1.85”
(92mm x 58mm x 47mm)
Weight 6oz (171g)
Material Black ABS GSM
Battery Bay Geometry Various Available
Input Connector 2.5mm, Center Positive
Storage Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Humidity 15% to 95% (Non-Condensing)

LED Indications

Off No battery detected
Red/Yellow/Green/Off Power Up
Green Flashing Fast charging
Green Solid Fully Charged
Yellow Solid Out of Temperature Range
Red/Green Flashing Shorted Terminals
Red Flashing Error

Standard Output Cable

Length 8”, stripped and tinned
Red Wire Positive battery lead
Black wire Negative Battery Lead
Green Wire
Thermistor lead
(Used Only with NiMH and NiCd)

Battery Charger Interaction Specifications

Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion NiMH NiCd Lead Acid Timed
Termination Algorithm CCCV
(Thermistor required)
Negative delta V CCCV Timer
Applicable Range N/A Capacity/3 to 3x Capacity Capacity/3 to 3x Capacity N/A < Capacity/6
Termination Value/Point Current Falls to Limit Value/5 0.75°C/Minute +/-0.1°C/Minute 52mV+/-5mV Current Falls to Limit Value/5 Customer Specified
Top-off Charge 1 Hour or Current Falls
to Limit Value/10
1 hour at C/10 1 hour at C/10 N/A N/A
Trickle Charge N/A Continuous at C/300 Continuous at C/300 Float Continuous at C/300
Charge Current Limit Customer Specified Customer specified Customer Specified Customer Specified Customer Specified
Charge Voltage Limit Customer Specified Disabled Disabled Customer Specified Customer Specified
Override Timer None 4 Hours 4 Hours None Customer Specified
Restart Threshold
7/8 of Termination Voltage
or Every 2 Hours
N/A N/A 7/8 of Termination Voltage N/A
Number of Cells 1 to 8 2 to 20 2 to 20 2 to 20 2 to 20

Agency Certifications

Lead Free.jpg

Kit Contents

Standard Kit Contents

Universal switching power supply
Line cord (specific country)
Instruction sheet

Optional Components

Vehicle power adapter
2-bay housing

Carton Dimensions

12.56” x 7.68” x 2.46”