Industrial Solutions

Energy Access provides Industrial charging solutions


Energy Access is a foremost partner to many large industrial companies around the world ensuring their equipment is always ready to use in the most critical operations. We support many diverse industries within the service, repair and manufacturing community in many different ways. We manufacture chargers for all chemistries, for various uses and to provide design flexibility for product developers.

Chargers for any product need

We work with OEM’s both domestic and international to ensure that their products have a durable and reliable charger as part of their product package. We can offer specific design, color and labelling options to meet all needs and can help at any stage of the product development phase.

We can also provide after-market chargers for a variety of applications and chemistries to fit all types of products.

We support industries as diverse as construction, testing and measurement, down-hole, pipeline and production line manufacturing.

Whatever your charging needs are within any industry, we are here to help.

Our industrial solutions include:


The SBS series is a 2 bay level 3, stand-alone battery charger that is compliant with the standard Smart Battery System and provides simultaneous charging across both bays. 


The ICS charger is a stand-alone battery charger with the versatility to accommodate a broad array of cell chemistries and configurations and is available as an individual or 2 bay unit.


The Bullet series is a low-cost high-value stand-alone wall unit available for a variety of chemistries and charging configurations.


Our embedded boards provide OEM’s with a high quality flexible charging system to be incorporated into your design, these can be custom configured on request.