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Our Story

Energy Access was founded in 1998. Initially to service the “Smart” (SMBus) battery charger market. This protocol had become standard in the laptop computer industry. It was rapidly spreading into other markets where sophisticated power control was important. This technology is now common in medical devices, military applications, industrial applications, safety and security equipment, and continues to be a core business for our company.

From our initial success with smart batteries, we’ve broadened our scope. This includes chargers for all small and mid-sized applications. Assembled in the USA and equipped for use all over the world, our products are state of the art. Our designs are platform-based so they can be easily configured to match most applications with little to no customization.

Our Mission

  • To be the global leader for quality and customer service.
  • To innovate, improve and strive for excellence every day.
  • To be a trusted partner for our customers and vendors.
  • To act with responsibility and integrity in all we do.

Experience and Expertise.

No Matter What Stage of Development. From start to finish, we have the capabilities and recourses to get your job done. On-time and on budget.

Our Team

Our Model

This is a business model designed to bring maximum benefit to small and mid-sized OEMs. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our expertise in batteries and chargers is a complement to companies without experienced staff.
  • Our designs are platform-based that can be configured to match most applications.
  • With regulatory certifications on our platforms, customers do not need to acquire agency approvals.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified and maintain lot-traceability performing regular factory audits.

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