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With 20 years of experience in the medical field, Energy Access will help you execute your project from the initial design concept through to production. With some of the biggest names in the industry in our portfolio, our expertise and state-of-the-art products expand throughout the globe and can be found in hospitals and medical centers all around the world.

It’s a track record we’re proud of. Energy Access takes pride in working with leaders in the medical industry and supporting the medical community in many different ways. Our chargers are used with a wide variety of medical devices that help save and shape lives every day.

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Energy Access is the industry leader in battery charging technology. We have the power to help navigate your next engineering project.

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Assembled in the USA and equipped for use all over the world, our products are state of the art. We also source a number of standard chargers from our offshore partners. These include units for AA, AAA and 9V rechargeable packs. Because we have thoroughly tested and vetted these designs, you are assured of the same consistency and quality found in our native products. Our designs are platform-based so they can be easily configured to match most applications with little to no customization.

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