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Battery Management Systems

The Energy Access series of battery management circuits are fully-featured and come in a wide variety of parameters for both lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate chemistries.  These include: over-voltage and under-voltage lockout, over-current protection, short circuit protection, cell balancing, and temperature monitoring.  Along with our standard line, we can customize most parameters for specific applications.  Our present offerings are available for series configurations of 3 to 15 cells and currents ranging from 5A to 50A.

BMS Chemistries


Key Features: 

  • Battery Protection
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Over Current Protection
  • Cell Balancing
  • Over/Under Voltage Lockout
  • Short Circuit Protection


Customization Options:

  • Cell Balancing Current
  • Layout and Size
  • Temperature Cutoff
  • Protection Voltages



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