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At Energy Access, our team members share the same goal; to provide the best solutions for our customers using the latest technology, the best supply chain and the most accurate and consistent manufacturing processes.

Being based in the same location is key for successful communication. At Energy Access, we are able to respond quickly to customers’ needs. Responsiveness and flexibility are critical to our business. We continue to strive to be the best provider for our customers. Continuous improvement in our supply chain and our internal processes is a top-level priority.

Malcolm McClure CEO & Co-Founder

Malcolm is the CEO and Co-Founder of Energy Access and remains at the hub of the company as the chief designer and technical guru.

Joshua Renicker COO

Josh joined Energy Access in 2006 and became COO in 2012. He brings with him extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing and quality management.

Cathy McClure CFO

Cathy is the CFO of Energy Access and has been at the heart of the business from the start of managing the financial and accounting sides of the company.

John R Chamberlain Director of Sales & Marketing

John is the director of Sales & Marketing at Energy Access and joined the company in 2013 bringing a wealth of experience to the company after two decades of working in Sales Management within service industries.

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